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Suits you Louis...

I think I’ve found my favourite autistic character and he went under my radar until now. I think I had to fully unmask to see him clearly, understand myself to understand him.

What I love about him is that his reactions are reactions. His traits and emotional state fluid. His understanding of numbers is unmatched, but, understanding people and relationships, a work in progress.

A caterpillar turned into a butterfly through a journey travelled, weaved in throughout the entire show. A thread that may be easily missed.

He has a logical mind but is seen as eccentric at best for a good part of the show as a whole. He seems irrational at times and can go from sitting quietly behind his desk to a rage he can’t hold back. His relationship with his wife is unique but works for them. A safe space where he can be built up, or crumble if needed. Strong ethics and values and his firm is his family to him, he loves the law but his friends and family equally. Procedure and rules are easier for him, information over personal perspective.

When he feels attacked he becomes very defensive, or deeply protective (of himself and others). However, when positives are found he is on top of the world, compassionate and giving.

He struggles, his mask is conditional to memories and trust. He is a brilliant character and in my own, personal opinion, a pretty well balanced autistic character.

“Give me a mountain..., I’ll climb it. Give me a Katy Perry song I’ll sing it.”

“Now let’s go tell these assholes if they think they are going to rip our nipples off without a fight, they got another thing coming.”

“This is about my honour!”

Rick Hoffman thank you for..., autistic or not... a very authentic character.

I love Suits and thank you for such skilled acting in your portrayal of Louis Litt. In my opinion Suits had the best ending of any show I have seen, so heartfelt and genuine.

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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1 Comment

Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Sep 20, 2022

“There’s nothing to be afraid of..., it’s just good clean mud.”

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