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mylifeautistic Christmas Campaign 2023

When I was a child I watched as excitement gripped other children. The television set releasing hope and the idea of "Goodwill to all". Christmas was something different to each character.  To some it was a change in viewpoint, to others acceptance of self. Christmas as a season is as individual as a snowflake is. It can be a magical time of year. The magic of Christmas to me wasn't the presents but the hope, compassion and acceptance, a time where everyone belongs.

In December 2022 we created a Christmas campaign that reached people around the world. We partnered with Service Graphics and made 31 seasonal banners. Each one of the 7 designs can be viewed below. We attempted a world record for The Worlds Largest Advent Calendar. unfortunately we were unsuccessful, however we plan on trying a different world record attempt this year. 

We are looking for ideas, we have 31 banner and will have 31 confirmed locations. We want to apply for a World Record that will go to mylifeautistic and the autistic community. Meaning that all autistic people would become world record holders. 

We thought that it would be great to open this up to ideas from the community, if you can think of a current World Record we can try to beat or a way to use the banners and locations to apply for a new record, please get in touch with us. If we go ahead we will make sure that you are involved and are part of the experience this December.

Before we get to the banners Jeni and I would like to say a massive thank you to Service Graphics. They've went above and beyond to help make the mylifeautistic advent calendar a reality for 2022. They got behind this campaign because they believe in a #NewLifeAutistic and believe in our community.
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