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mylifeautistic Christmas Advent Calender 2022

When I was a child I watched as excitement gripped other children. The television set releasing hope and the idea of "Goodwill to all". Christmas was something different to each character.  To some it was a change in viewpoint, to others acceptance of self. Christmas as a season is as individual as a snowflake is. It can be a magical time of year. The magic of Christmas to me wasn't the presents but the hope, compassion and acceptance, a time where everyone belongs.

We wanted to create something magical for the community, especially for autistic children.

In the summer a thought, a reminder of a christmas film drifted through my head (Miracle on 34th Street). It was accompanied by an idea, something never attempted before (as far as I am aware). 

For 31 days we intend to hang banners in 31 different locations across the UK. We wanted to show our support for the community and caregivers by ensuring inclusion in a magical way. In the spirit of christmas and everything the season can represent. Creating hope and starting the New Year in a different way. We look at life from a different angle, we hope by creating this campaign that we can begin 2023 looking at autism and autistic people from a different angle too. In terms of caregivers (anyone that cares for, or loves an autistic person) we hoped very deeply that this campaign would be a reminder that we know you need more support and that it can be incredibly challenging. However, please know there are loads of people that want you to be supported, so that the autistic person or people that you care about get a chance at a #NewLifeAutistic.

If you would like to know, more please take a look at the Press and Journal article linked below. Where Jeni and I discuss the  Christmas campaign and our hopes for the future.

Below you will see the banners that we have created and are attempting to install around the UK for December. One banner is hung each day, the location is announced on the blog/social media pages. Like doors on an advent calendar we hope to show inclusion, representation and acceptance of our community and caregivers in a unique way.  Please feel free to download any of the images below and add them to your social media pages, websites or print them out and put them up on windows to show your support, show the world we belong and that "Goodwill to all" can be the greatest gift ever given. Little adjustments is all this is required and can help create a New Year Autistic for 2023.

Before we get to the banners Jeni and I would like to say a massive thank you to Service Graphics. They've gone above and beyond to help make the mylifeautistic advent calendar a reality for 2022. They got behind this campaign because they believe in a #NewLifeAutistic. We believe in our community, by the end of 2022, we hope the world does too.
Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 13.19.43.png
There are 7 banner designs, each design represents a day of the week. We aim to put out all 7 banners in the first week, repeating each week throughout the month and across the United Kingdom in different locations. Making 4 each of 4 of the designs and 5 of 3 of the designs, creating 31 banners in total. Fingers crossed by the end of December we will have created a giant advent calendar for the global autistic community and caregivers.

Sending all our love and best wishes to our community, around the world, including all those that love, care for and respect our community for our authenticity. 
Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays from us at mylifeautistic and Service Graphics.

Ross Fraser and Jeni Curtis

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