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Warmer Days

Winter to me is six or seven months. It begins in August and if I am lucky it ends in March or April. It doesn’t mean that the pain goes away in the warmer months, just that it becomes more predictable. It also means a reduction in the amount of time that I’m losing consciousness. Frankly I am looking forward to that by now. Having a hypersensitive condition means that everything has to be taken into account. This is what keeps me housebound/bedbound, it’s impossible to predict everything. 

I try to keep on top of the pain as much as I can. However it’s a battle each day, and there are many days that the pain wins. We managed to get into Aberdeen recently to order a rise and recline chair on finance. I have suspected for some time that I probably need one. My wife and I realised with sensory processing heightened and comfort being a high priority, I had to try the chairs before buying. We ordered chairs (desk and recliner) when we moved in here and it was a costly failure as neither one was actually suitable. We eventually found one that works, but unfortunately it's a bit of a wait as it wasn’t available until mid-may.  

On a positive note, I have managed to stop smoking, something I’ve been trying to do for some time (a couple of years at least).

We are going to be putting some of the money towards getting some art materials, and the chair. In time we will get a corner desk and desk chair for the bedroom too. In the meantime I am playing a load of videogames (so there may be some videos posted in the near future) and waiting for better (and warmer) days.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern


Written by – Ross Fraser 

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I have to say my wife and daughter are very understanding, because it’s been a tough winter. My wife met me a few months after the accident and looked after me ever since. By this time of year I have taken one hell of a beating. I have also taken my own advice, tried to take care of myself and being kind to me mind. This short video is just me saying hi, and that I look forward to getting to feel more like myself in the summer.

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