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I would like to start something new for our page and give our followers a place to share their interests with others. Feel free to share anything you like. Hobbies, fun facts about yourself, your dream job or current job, anything at all. I'll get the ball rolling and start. Find my special interest in the comments below. I'm looking forward to reading the comments as they come in.

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I just read yet another story from an autistic individual who was told "I don't think you are autistic because you are too empathetic." This makes me cringe every time. IT IS A SPECTRUM. NOT EVERY AUTISTIC PERSON WILL DISPLAY THE SAME SYMPTOMS. Some of us may be overly empathetic and others may not appear to be empathetic at all. Every person on the planet is different. No two people are exactly alike. Please stop assuming you know what characteristics are autistic and discrediting others because they don't fit your definition of what autism looks like. Rant done. I hope you all have an amazing day/night (depending on where you are located). ❤️ 🫂 ❤️ All our best and love Jeni and Ross This is Me Be You

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I will admit the past couple of weeks have been a real struggle with the pain. Thankfully I am getting the call from the doctor today to discuss pain management options, so I hope that will offer some kind of support and solution. I still have some image posts that I had planned on putting out yesterday, unfortunately I just wasn't able to (the photos in this post were taken yesterday, it was just a horrendous day with pain), so I'll just save them until I'm back posting. Take care of yourselves and your mind everyone and I'll be back soon. All my best and love Ross

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