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Do your hands hurt?

I have been struggling to keep up with messages and comments recently because high pain levels affect sight. As you can imagine this makes writing and reading challenging (more so if you’re dyslexic). The photo editing isn’t too bad, but I suspect that’s because I’ve been doing it for about 20 years so it’s become much more of an automatic process.

One of the comments was on my video of me making a cup of coffee with my hands partly clenched. I was asked if it hurt when my hands are like that. Short answer is yes, it can feel like my hand is in a cramp. However there is more to it than that.

Partly clenched hurts the longer it’s in that position. My fingers contort into each other and it’s a very tight grip. Two or three fingers will be uncomfortable but I can cope with it. My hand fully clenched is a lot harder. Depending on stress levels it can get to the point that my fingernails are digging into my palm for hours. If that is the case, as you can imagine, after a while cramp sets in across the whole hand.

It’s uncomfortable, but I began getting my natural reactions back about 20 months ago. Over time I have adjusted and always try to find a balance where possible. It’s not always within my control but my wife and daughter are amazing. I am, and will always be grateful for them, I think that every day, they change my life. So I can live with the bad days and not having control of my hands. The good days are more than enough to balance it out.

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
27 Eyl 2022

I just wanted to take the time to answer this question “Do your hands hurt when they are clenched?”.

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