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What really bothers me about the “R” word is that it’s offensive because, apart from anything else, it’s so inaccurate. That assumption is based entirely on perception and not grounded in reality in the slightest. People who can’t openly communicate spend their lives listening and thinking. Autism – I think therefore I am! Your conscious mind may feel out of balance but your instincts will be taking everything in. It’s how our minds work, conscious and automatic mental processing. We can just be aware of one or both (dependant on a lot of variables). But it’s always there. With autism the external and internal are often different. For some people, like me, their external reactions mirror their mindset exactly. For others it’s the complete opposite. That’s why autistic people need to be seen as individuals that belong to one massive eclectic family. Seen for our minds not a visual perception created by people who have zero understanding. The really frustrating thing is that if humanity just viewed people for their minds, not their bodies, this wouldn’t even be a consideration. The kind of thinking that creates thoughts like that just wouldn’t exist. Countless people would be accepted overnight if humanity made that one small adjustment alone. All my best and love Ross Words – Ross Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
May 18, 2022

The people that can’t voice their own needs, and those that really support them, will always have my respect. No one should talk down to an autistic person, instead actually realise for many that’s all we’ve seen of “humanity”.

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