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Life is like Lord of the Rings.

You can get lost fixating on society’s perfect normal life, blinded to everything but the pursuit of precious things set by societal standards.

You can listen to others trying to tear you down like Smeagol, entering reinforced isolation because Gollum kept telling him he had no friends and was worthless.

You can feel the pressure of the eye of society bearing down on you as you do what you need to in life. Feeling like an outsider wherever you happen to go.

If you are autistic, often things take longer but it’s because we are also taking our own unexplored journeys. Creating our own paths and writing our own histories as we go from one day to the next.

And sometimes all it takes is to find your own Samwise Gamgee.

Someone that isn’t in your life for their story but to help you tell yours. A counterweight in your life to help you rebalance when needed.

Someone that gives encouragement, protection, compassion and friendship.

Find them (it could just take one or two people that really understand you to get that) and a journey too far, can, on days, feel like a walk in the countryside with your friend.

On the days it doesn’t feel like that, at least you know there is someone that you can always to turn to.

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser

Something a big as navigating life can come down to just ensuring you find the right companions for your journey.

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