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Autistic Heart

Autistic Heart

By David Alec Knight

(from The Heart Is A Hollow Organ, 2021)

I know who I am,

What I do and do not want,

What does and does not work.

I am only wise in a way that wounds me, oppresses me,

And perplexes me.

My skull may seem thick; my skin is thin: worry weakens the weakened conjugation.

I clasp too long onto the passions that are best lived when brief and impermanent.

I need to learn in loving but evolve in leaving, until finding the forever in another heart.

Ready to heal,

Surrounded by those needing healing more than loving;

Wanting to love – it feels good to heal,

but would feel better to love;

If their love is not for sure I settle to heal and feeling everything else as much

As I feel love, gets in the way of feeling for who is there.

I know too late

I know no difference between the fear of the dark and the fear of the heart.

I expect from another what I expect from myself, but that may be

More than either deserves,

So I’ll walk away from my wounds;

I’ll fall into arms that fall into mine: I have an autistic heart.

All my best and love

David A Knight

Words – David Alec Knight – a poem from the book “The Heart Is A Hollow Organ”

Graphic Design App – Canva

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1 Comment

Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Jul 18, 2022

Today’s post is a community comment from David A Knight, an autistic author from Chatham-Kent in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

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