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Advent Day 18

mylifeautistic advent calendar

Day 18

They are what you think is a small rugby union team, however they have teams from U5 through to the Colts, 3 girls teams U12s U14s and U16s, a senior ladies team and 2 men’s senior teams.

They are very big on inclusivity. They have even made it possible to have a quiet room for any one who needs a quiet place. There are many players who benefit from such an inclusive club, and it is forever growing, with the recent introduction of a Didi Section, Mini Trys. They also have four members of the rugby clubs committee who are female, one now being the first ever female President, a female CEO, a Director of the M&J & CSO and finally a Director of Finance.

They are also home to two Cricket Teams and a Dog Club!

There home is at the foot of the Pennines underneath the M62 bridge, where it is said they have their own micro climate! It is such a picturesque, relaxing place to be, and it is known for its high community spirit throughout the area.

Minis and Juniors train Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with the Senior teams training on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

All abilities are welcome.

Thank you so much to Lisa Johnson, the Littleborough Rugby Club and Littleborough Sports Club for being part of our advent calendar and day 18.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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Dec 18, 2022

Day 18 – Littleborough Sports Club, Rochdale.

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