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A kilt for a king

I need to refocus, to keep only positive thoughts just now. Allow my fears and uncertainties to wander off and get lost for a little while.

Granted sooner or later they will return, just can’t be just now. So today’s post is going to be different.

I talk about creating a legacy for the autistic community. However I don’t want to talk about my legacy today, but my Grandfather’s.

Aged 13, his mum passed away, leaving him to care for his younger brother and sister. He left home at 15 to work on the LMS railway as a fireman (stoking the fire). During WWII German air attacks would target trains because the fire for the engine kept them visible at night. He joined the Highland regiment the Black Watch at 18. He subsequently trained as a master tailor & kiltmaker, then transferred to the Gordon Highlanders.

When he was 55, he made a kilt and gifted the wearer his own personal kilt pin. Something that man, has worn many times over the years.

So this is to my granddad, Arthur Varley, he had to fight for his quality of life and help provide the foundations for his brother and sister’s lives too. However he never gave up...

...and made a kilt for a king.

To see the kilt he made, please take a look at this footage from the BBC archive –

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva


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