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My Life Autistic began as an idea on the 14th of September 2020, the day Ross Fraser (founder) received his autism diagnosis. He wanted to create a community project that would unite and empower autistic people. Aiming to create a human rights grassroots global non-profit organisation that will bring about a brighter future for our extended autistic family.

Ross Fraser is self-taught, he has no real formal qualifications. He is autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic; has sensory processing disorder, dyscalculia, ADHD, and c-PTSD. An author and human rights activist for the autistic and neurodivergent community. His rewrites of popular songs for the autistic community have been shared (to page mentions) by several artists (20+) including Robbie Williams, Beyonce, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Radiohead, and Sister Sledge. Other posts covering a range of subjects have also been shared to social media pages by public figures that include Kevin Smith, Bryan Cranston, The President of The united States and The British Royal Family. In total more than 40 celebrities and public figures have now shared a mylifeautistic post, to their page mentions on Facebook.

Jeni Dern is our Chief Operating Officer, she is a late diagnosed autistic mom to a wonderful autistic daughter. She works with Ross as an autistic human rights activist. She hopes to help autistic adults, families and children get the right support to suit personal and individual needs. 

We work to provide inclusion, representation and acceptance for all autistic people. To ensure that caregivers have the help and support needed to create the world for this, and future generations of autistic people that we needed, and couldn't find. A world where our community will always have a place they belong.

“We’re not broken, we’re not strange, we’re not weird - we just see the world in a very different way," said Ross Fraser.

For most of his life, Ross felt misunderstood, worthless and cast aside by society.

The devastating reality was that Ross is just a person like you and me, his brain just works a bit differently from other people.

After a lifetime of struggling to make sense of the world around him, Ross was eventually diagnosed with autism at the age of 41.

Choking back tears, Ross eloquently explains how he is using the pain and turmoil he experienced as the motivation to ensure no-one else goes through what he did.

By bravely opening up about his experiences Ross hopes that it will lead to earlier diagnosis and better support for both children and adults with the condition.

Written by Rosemary Lowne as an introduction for a feature article printed on the 16th of November in "Your Life", The Press & Journal magazine.

Autistic Non-au.png
I long inside for a better day,
A brighter future and better way,
Where hurt and pain are left behind,
In it together, all human KIND.
If life, as they say, really is a game,
Then not getting to play, is such a shame;
We share this world both me and you,
But happy lives there simply are too few.
The art of conversation once held dear,
Is often lost on an unhearing ear;
Life at a distance is not how it should be,
Not apart but together, that is the key.
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