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Weird Pride Day

You said “weird”...

As you sneered,

But, did you see?

You muttered “Odd!”,

... Friends gave a nod,

But, did you know?

Took the piss out my hair,

And made people stare,

But, am I you?

You said I should hide...

But I stand here with pride,

To me I’m true.

Happy Weird Pride Day 2024

Image description: Several pictures of Ross throughout the years, cards from when I was 1 year old, a swimming certificate and swimming award on a wooden floor. On top is a multi-coloured heart and the words “Stay Weird”.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Written by – Ross Fraser

P.S. Sorry for the slight delay, I had planned on posting before midnight, however ... the photo took longer to create than I had expected it to.

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