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Because of self promotion rules in groups, we won’t be sharing this post, but please feel free to share.

We have updated the website, our “Buy me a coffee” account and added Amazon wish lists for Jeni and I. We have had messages offering support before, but just talking about money became uncomfortable for me. So my usual response is we don’t mind working on a voluntary basis. That we appreciate the offer but fully intend to find a way to self fund mylifeautistic and community projects in the future.

One thing that became clear over the winter months is that I need a more adaptive set up than I currently have. Something that would mean that I can work without worrying so much about my pain and mobility issues. We hope to get a set up that includes a rise and recline chair (something I’ve probably needed for a while but didn’t want to admit to myself) and webcam with remote control.

This is uncomfortable to write because I genuinely have no problem working without any financial rewards. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. In fact I tried to provide for myself and my family for 26 years. I was let go from every job I got, that made me feel like I wasn’t even worth £5/£6 an hour. I am so much happier now, I love getting to do this for our community and wouldn’t change it.

We are putting this out because it would help give us a way to get everything we need sooner rather than later. However, we also don’t mind waiting because at the end of the day, we genuinely appreciate what we do. To us the comments and messages, the words offered by others (autistic people and caregivers), that’s reward enough. So we will include these links, only when we update the website. Which will most likely be two or three times a year.


Jeni’s Amazon Wishlist:

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern


Words – Ross Fraser

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