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Warwickshire Council

“SEN children should be institutionalised and not given as much funding as they are unable to be helped”.

This was a statement made by certain councillors at a meeting on the 25th of January this year. The councillors involved in making this statement work for Warwickshire Council and more details can be found in the petition linked below.

I will attempting to phone all three councillors personally this coming week. In the meantime I ask that you please consider signing and sharing this petition. It’s asking for fairer and a more equal funding allowance for supporting SEN students. I don’t think that is unreasonable at all, especially as someone that wasn’t helped by the education system. Having a more personalised education based on my needs, that would have made a massive difference. Plus I don’t think I would have grown up feeling that I failed in every thing I did, with the right support. That’s the key, because the wrong support, even if with the best of intentions, can have a detrimental effect.

The term “SEN” covers a wide range of needs. These include behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, speech, language and communication, hearing impairment, visual impairment, multi-sensory impairment, physical disability and autism.

In this particular case, the people who are in charge of fund allocation think anyone that falls under the category of SEN should be locked up. That essentially we should be treated as criminals by default.

If anyone wants to add anything please do comment below. I will choose a few comments to read back to them when I call. I don’t know if I’ll actually get to speak to any of the councillors involved ,but I’ll definitely try to.

Councils to prioritise allocating funds to SEN services.

Petition started by Melvyna Hawes

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Written by – Ross Fraser

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1 Comment

We know this will be upsetting to read, but we are sharing it because this outdated view is hurting our community. Autistic people, as well as people with other additional needs need real support. What isn’t helpful is forced isolation, and being punished for who you are. I lost a large part of my life due to this kind of thinking and attitude. I will not stand by and let others be treated in this manner. Enough is enough, it’s time that the line is drawn and SEN people are treated like people. Is that really too much to ask?

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