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Upcoming Birthday

I keep getting this and completely ignoring it ... however it is something I've thought about. I don't look for personal gain or rewards because that's not the life I have had. I learned to buy in sales, and try to limit the things I want. Not because I am anti-money, but because I didn't want to ask my wife for pocket money, basically.

I really love being a human rights activist, getting to work alongside The Scottish Government and help in creating real, undeniable change. It's a really tough road, I can't lie about that, this last year has been so challenging. Finding out my spinal injury was effectively written out of my medical records a week after the accident. Effectively meaning every doctor appointment and hospital visit was pointless because they weren't focused on the actual issue (spinal compression). That said, on tough days there are always followers and friends that help me get back up again after taking the fall. Encouragement for Jeni Dern and I to keep going and build mylifeautistic to be the non-profit umbrella organisation (that supports peer led charities/groups and organisations around the world) that we hope it will become one day.

So this is what I decided to do, my birthday is on Tuesday. Below is a personal wishlist and a link to our mylifeautistic fundraiser. If you want to get something or make a donation for my birthday, it is massively appreciated. However I know what it's like to not have access to money or work, so if you can't spare it, please don't worry about it. I am a humanitarian first and foremost. Knowing that what we do helps to empower, support and create new paths for our community. For Jeni and I, that means the world to us, because we didn't think we would get the chance to do anything in life. It's not tangible, we can't put it in a display case, but it does feel like the best reward to get.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern


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