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One of the hardest things about living with physical pain every day is it can make you feel really guilty. You feel like you should be doing more, that you should just push yourself that little bit further. Being made to feel like that can be very dangerous.

The problem with not being able to openly communicate was there was an assumption made that I was exaggerating the amount of pain I was in and that I didn’t want to get better. Essentially that I just didn’t want to work and that was never ever the case.

I didn’t stop trying to get work to support my family, looking for ways to work online. I didn’t stop looking for 11 years, that’s when I gave up trying. That effectively said to me, that being housebound with my qualifications I wouldn’t get access to work again, that I was written off by society and the world, pretty much what I’d been made to feel my whole life. That I, Ross Fraser, had no value.

With the internet and online training programs that seems crazy for disabled people to have to live that way. In fact, why weren’t temporary jobs offered to the disabled population during Covid? At the peak there were a lot of companies running a reduced workforce. Surely that would have been the ideal solution to create remote work jobs for people that need them. Base it on a hourly rate that’s paid on a rate for minutes worked. Log in, work for the amount of time that you can and log out. Support the disabled population with jobs and it would have supported companies with staff shortages at the same time.

I know remote working is still done by several companies, however I haven’t heard of any improvement in terms of access for disabled people to get jobs working remotely.

You get told when you’re injured or sick to go to the doctor. However if you are telling the truth and they think you’re not, It’s not the doctor that pays the price for that. It’s you, that doesn’t get the right treatment, support and probably results in a receiving a loss of benefits too. No work, no prospects, no life and possibly very little options to change it.

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
14 jul 2022

Being misread and misunderstood, that can definitely hurt you in more ways than one. That happening by a doctor or professional you turn to for help, it can have devastating consequences that you have to live with.

Me gusta
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