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Time for school

Standing in the playground I look at the people and wonder...

Questions stack like Lego blocks.

But who do I ask?

Who do I turn to so that I can understand, because it’s not that I am incapable... Just missing the information I need to understand.

“How does the playground get so loud?”

“How do people start conversations with people they don’t know?”

“How can you get to know a stranger if you don’t know how much of them you will get to know?”

“How do I know that someone I choose to randomly talk to will understand me?”

“How do you make friends with people that don’t just drop into your life and choose to stay”

“When looking people in the eye has been made uncomfortable, when you are surrounded by people, where do you look?”

“How do I know the staff and teachers will understand my concerns and worries as an autistic person?”

“Why does being me, feel so isolating when people are around me”

“Will I ever feel fully comfortable in a world that I don’t understand”

“Will this kind of environment ever feel okay to be in?”

“Will being a good father and being there to just see the smile when my daughter comes out of school, ever feel as good as it should feel?”

All my best and love


I have a chapter to finish writing, a collaboration for a book about human rights. Plus I am preparing for creating a video for TED-X early next week. For those reasons I putting my last post for the week out early and may not be online for the next couple of days so I can focus on writing. Take care everyone

Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Sep 20, 2022

A school environment holds many challenges...

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