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The Island

I felt like I was on an island in an endless sea, Horizon so far off it would always be unreachable, Walking alone through streets that others should inhabit. Flesh and blood but drifting along, Like a bag caught in an endless cycle, Stuck in a repeating loop of opposing currents. Days darting by like cars on a highway, Until years became lost in the grains, The sands of time, ever flowing forward. One day when I walked another set of footsteps joined my own, Walking in rhythm to an unheard beat, Not drifting but striding together into a different day. Before long the empty streets fill, Echoed by the footsteps of unity, A symphony of souls... lost no more. Please feel free to share any of my posts and please like or follow to be notified of future posts. All the best Ross Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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