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Snowball Fight

There is one memory of the season that always makes me smile. It was about 8 years ago, when my daughter was 3. We were living across the road from a family friend. To make sense of this memory you need to know two things. Firstly our friends nickname is Muppet, or Uncle Muppet, as it’s always been to my daughter. Secondly, because of my physical limitations, he would often come to the park etc. He’d run around with her because I couldn’t, but I really wanted to, every time.

This particular morning I had woken up and noticed that it had been snowing when I was making my morning coffee. My daughter woke about an hour later, looked outside and instantly wanted to go out and play. I couldn’t build a snowman or anything like that (I think I’ve done it 3 times for her), because I would get too stiff, and not physically be able to bend. I would however go out and be with her.

This particular morning that wasn’t good enough, as she really wanted a snowball fight. I told her that maybe when Muppet was awake but I unfortunately couldn’t do it (as bending was impossible at that point). I explained to her that Muppet had been working nights so hadn’t been in bed long (roughly about an hour at this stage). To which she replied “It’s ok, I wake him”.

Before I could stop her (mainly because she could move a lot faster than I could), she’d gone around the path and was standing in his front garden making snowballs. I had just got there in time to see a snowball thud against his bedroom window. I tried to explain again, as another snowball was added to the window pane. Before long he was dressed and out chasing her around. It was both one of the sweetest, and one of the funniest moments I have ever seen. After about an hour of having fun she started to get too cold, so she came in for breakfast, and Muppet went back to bed.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Words – Ross Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

In association with Service Graphics and Higher Lank Farms, Bodmin.

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Ross Fraser
Ross Fraser
08 дек. 2023 г.

I appreciate the littlest memories that made me smile. I really do love this memory, especially because it’s one that makes my daughter smile too.

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