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Sheldon Cooper

I love Sheldon Cooper .... there I said it. I know not everyone in the community feels this way. I don’t know if that is because I’m older. Maybe that I’m a husband and father, and that my friends and I have a friendship a lot like Sheldon’s and Penny’s. What I like most about it is there is so much you can learn about the autistic experience. Sheldon is very rare, not just because he is an autistic character, but also because he is one that you can view from two different stages of life. You can see what he struggled with as a child, as well as how he adapted and dealt with issues as an adult. It even shows the fact we can’t see grey areas, often even as an adult. The Contractual Obligation Implementation The Big Bang Theory Series 6 Episode 13 Sheldon and the group are working on a way to encourage girls to become interested in science. They agree that they will focus on middle school students and try to promote scientific careers to them. So Sheldon goes over to his computer to type in “how to get 12 year old girls excited” at which point everyone launches themselves over furniture to stop him from typing. They instantly got how inappropriate that search would look on his computer. He didn’t, to him he was looking for a way to help get the teenagers enthusiastic about science. It’s not how he thinks so that connection, that reference, went completely over his head. A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels Young Sheldon Series 2 episode 1 In this episode Sheldon upsets his parents because a sensory issue was getting to him. He tried to fix it but can’t and costs the family money in the process. Sheldon has little interest in money unless he needs it, for example when he wanted a computer. However in this episode he goes out of his way to do what other people do. He gets a job to pay his dad back. I get really upset watching this episode to be honest. He struggles with everything but it’s the right thing to do: he broke the fridge, he should make it right. Nothing was intended, the whole situation basically came out of being dismissed. He tries to tell his family but because they can’t hear it they don’t take it seriously. As a result he goes through a lot of anxiety and guilt. I love Sheldon Cooper, because I think he is a great way to have more teachable moments. He could be used to help create some understanding and allow family, friends and others, aiding in seeing different sides to an autistic person. It’s not a perfect representation but I do think he’s really good (both acted very well) and I love the way they cover different topics. It’s light-hearted, but if you just focus on Sheldon, there is a lot they have right. Not all, but in my view, more than enough to recommend it. Please feel free to share any of my posts and please like or follow to be notified of future posts. All the best Ross Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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