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I am going to take a few days to reset after posting yesterday. I have also decided to aim to hand over to other advocates in September. I did hope to do that next year but I have to be honest with myself and I don’t think I am going to cope with working through another winter. Plus it took too long to find myself, I want to have some time for my family. I still intend on supporting the campaign and helping out where I can. I still want to be able to do outreach to help support individuals in the community when required. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but I do need to be realistic and this winter was a lot tougher than I expected (in terms of pain). So I will still be involved, I just need to take more of a backseat role next winter. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Desiree and The Wellness Project for the opportunity to be a guest. If you’d like to, please take a look: Please feel free to share any of my posts and please like or follow to be notified of future posts. All the best Ross Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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