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Sensory Breaks

My mind takes in all the details of my environment. When I unmasked this caused serious issues in my day to day life. Slowly I learned how to store events to process at a later date. I realize now that if I am not given time to isolate and reflect I tend to lose all control over my emotional response. The area in my mind capable of storing details has limited space. Eventually it will reach its data limit. When this happens I burnout and no longer have the ability to process the world around me. If forced to communicate at this point my emotions have no filter. I become extremely sensitive to the world around me and meltdowns become frequent. Being a mom and a wife makes it difficult to find time to process. I am slowly learning how to lock on to the positive details and store the unknown till later. It is a constant battle for balance. The more I understand myself the easier it is to find tools to aid me through the chaotic moments. The most beneficial thing I have learned is the need for sensory breaks. Isolating periodically from auditory and visual stimuli allows us to process and helps prevent sensory overload. If time is money then wouldn't you want to provide sensory breaks? We all perform best with a calm, clear mind. Even a computer functions best when we take the time to clear its cache. This is Me - Jeni Curtis ❤️ 🫂 ❤️ Be You

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