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Scripting is going to the doctor’s office and saying “what’s up doc!” in the car”. It’s hearing someone on the phone say “Hi Adrian” and the Rocky theme starts in your head. It’s someone saying “it’s a long way to the top” and hearing “if you want to rock and roll” in your head. It’s assuming people communicate in a certain way because that’s what you saw on TV or in movies. It’s something going wrong and responding “Doh!”. What scripting actually is comes down to the mental connection of an autistic mind. It’s your instinctual side offering up information, that it thinks fits the situation. Sometimes that’s blurted out, others it’s said out loud because it seems like the right thing to say in the moment. My personal issue stemmed from my responses more than not, based on media instead of real life, coupled with the fact neither side of my brain actually understood how conversation actually worked. So I’m getting mental responses to say something that may fit, but may be the wrong thing to say in that moment. What helped me understand this was going to the shop with my mum, Marks and Spencer of all places. I was on edge because of people, busy shop and not being able to wear a mask. I had my lanyard on and mask exempt card so didn’t think it would be an issue. However it’s fair to say that I was really aware of everyone and everything around me. I definitely was not settled... We had to use the hand sanitiser at the door on the way in. My immediate (audible) response after feeling it on my hands was... “yuck... I feel like I just jacked off an elephant” From the film The Replacements with Keanu Reeves: Clifford Franklin : Now you know this don’t look natural Coach. Now you know it don’t... I look like I just jacked off an elephant. Thankfully my mum just chuckled... All my best and love Ross Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
May 17, 2022

Scripting is your instinctual mind saying to your consciousness “Well, this seems to fit”.

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