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This is one of the first pieces I wrote for the campaign. Yesterday’s post was full on but stronger emotions and instinctual awareness can be so intense. I don’t want to hide from the realities of my life. However I also want to say that was my life, like these words they belong to a tomorrow that is already written. So when you read on, know that acceptance doesn’t just open up better tomorrows, but it does change lives.

“I feel like a domino, often toppled by other people’s actions. I feel like friends are like catching a leaf in the wind, just as I think I have one they are gone. I feel unheard, like I have no right to express opinions of my own. I feel confused, I’m always honest and open but often misunderstood. I feel invisible yet it doesn’t feel safe not to hide. I have a life, yet I feel like an outsider in my own story. I have an understanding of a great deal of things, yet I’m often made to feel stupid. I am part of a population of billions of people... yet most of the time I feel alone.

This world wasn’t designed for autistic people, it takes adjustments, understanding, compassion and respect. There will always be tough days, my mind never stops processing so there will always be another thought like those above. Another stressful day, another meltdown, another reason to feel out of place in this world. To family members and carers I know it’s tough being in your position, like really tough but that’s just some of my thoughts today, imagine what a lifetime of them is like. Understand autism but most importantly support and understand the person. “

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Jun 21, 2022

After yesterday I thought today would be a good day to reflect on one of my first posts.

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