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Recovery Time

A meltdown is the last thing I ever want. It’s not only disruptive in multiple ways but it takes time to recover from. Imagine a football player in hospital requiring time to heal, to recover. Now think of what could happen if they were asked to play before they were ready.

After a meltdown there needs to be a recovery period because without that it can be like dominos falling. I had 2 meltdowns on Thursday (managed to just avoid another two) which made being around my wife and daughter really uncomfortable. Everything was too loud, and in a small flat too intense. I felt compelled to leave and really annoyed my back by doing so.

When I returned home my wife had to open the door and then stay as far back as she could. She offered a cuddle but we both knew it wasn’t possible.

It had such a disruption that yesterday, a couple of hours before going on the radio I had another meltdown. That one was caused by sensory overload but wouldn’t have happened if I was settled. I actually almost lost my voice at the beginning of the discussion. That is my biggest fear, that I become unable to speak in a live/video or interview. That almost happened yesterday but I have to say Alan kept me engaged. That helped me find the passion behind my voice and continue. I genuinely appreciated that because if he didn’t my biggest fear would have become a reality last night.

All the best


Words – Ross A Fraser

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1 Comment

Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Apr 18, 2022

Meltdowns are like the end of a game of chess, it takes time to reset the board.

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