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We have been invited to check out the props and memorabilia for the Entertainment Auction taking place at Propstore in London from the 9th till the 12th of November. I didn't want to miss this opportunity, I still can't believe we are getting to go ahead and I am really looking forward to it. I was surrounded by TV shows and movies for decades. They were more than just something to watch, they helped educate me, created comfort, soothed and entertained. For a long time that was my world, so for me doing this show almost feels like going home, in the most amazing way.

When I was a child I wanted to take over as the host of Film when Barry Norman retired. So this truly is a dream come true.

Julian, will be going along next Tuesday (which is my birthday as it happens, and this feels like a fantastic birthday present) to scout out the location and do some filming with Jeni Dern and I, mainly focusing on creating a trailer and footage for the pilot. We will film an introduction and some segments for the show, with what time we have remaining on the day. He will also be going through on Thursday or Friday to get the rest of the footage for our pilot episode so that we have everything we need for editing. Given the time difference between Jeni and I, she will be involved as much as she can but may not be in every segment of the show.

I am going to try borrowing a desk chair from a friend locally so I can set up a temporary space in the bedroom for both days. That way we can go ahead and get footage of these amazing items before they go to auction. It also gives us a chance to show the kind of series we want to create. The current concept being, 6 episodes throughout the year and 2 specials (covering specific events, themes of auctions). These webisodes will then be shared to our YouTube channel (that we are starting to build up), as well as both The Disability Collective and Propstore's own YouTube channel.

It's all really exciting and I think it's going to be an incredible experience for both Jeni and I.

Update: I will send out the emails and get in touch with the companies that are involved in the Christmas campaign after we have completed filming. I have just been too busy catching up with everything to get around to it yet.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern


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