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Please Don't

Please don’t...

Words uttered often throughout my life. There is a specific point in time where those words speak volumes.

When misread, or in an uncomfortable environment those words are a warning.

What they are saying is that I am feeling my footsteps edge closer to the drop. That I feel so incredibly overwhelmed in that moment that I know I’m about to be shoved off the cliff.

Drop into the abyss of a meltdown and have to climb my way back out again. Which is a slow process and it is very disruptive, on multiple levels.

I know so intuitively that feeling that precedes a meltdown, all I can do is beg the person who I’m interacting with...

Please don’t...

All my best and love


Words – Ross Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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1 Comment

Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
May 21, 2022

When a meltdown is the result of an interaction, the words “please don’t”, can be a cry for help, often very shortly before the fall.

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