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Becoming a father made me protective over my family. Finding out I was autistic, and that my life is far from unique in the community made me protective of the next generation and those yet to come. I have made it my mission to ensure our community is accepted, that we have each other as support and things like the difference in communication is understood.

I give respect to everyone, try and get to know them before I make my mind up on who they are. Everyone with me starts as a blank slate, but I rarely get the same respect. Yes, I am different, think differently but I am also very ethical and driven to stop autistic people feeling they are completely alone in this world. Some of us feel apart from the world at a very young age, robbed of a positive self image, even to the point that getting a compliment hurts because it’s been far too uncommon in your life. It’s things like this that need to change, as soon as possible.

Self worth is so important but so few of us actually have a sense of it. And why isn’t there media and music that tells us it’s ok to be us. We are a large community with various needs and abilities. We are autistic people, but shouldn’t the emphasis be on people, full stop? If I have my way, a positive self image and understanding will be in the future of the community.

Because leaving this world the way it is for the community is something I can’t do; just the idea that I’ll live my life and nothing will change. My life would just keep repeating in the lives of others in the community and that’s something I just can’t do, that actually hurts me and makes me really upset. I can’t do this on my own, but I won’t ever stop trying to protect my community because I don’t want to let things remain as they are, that to me is far too much of a painful thought.

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All the best


Words – Ross A Fraser

Imagery – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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