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Pain in Perspective (3 of 3)

To conclude this post I am going to quote from the mountain of paperwork I have from an assessment from a psychologist in 2012. The image for this post was a letter of support from a neighbour back in 2012, this was the outcome.

“He takes strong pain relief daily. Although this is very disabling for him the evidence from his condition history and typical day would support no significant functional disability. His examination shows some limitations, however the degree of limitations described is inconsistent with his diagnosis.”

“I respectfully request that the Tribunal confirms the decision that Mr Fraser’s existing award does not qualify for conversion to Employment and Support Allowance on the grounds that he does not have limited capacity to work.”

“As a consequence, the existing award(s) and entitlement to be awarded credits will terminate from and including 15/11/2012”

“ I believe that Mr Fraser was concerned that he was being misunderstood and that this led him to over-clarify his symptom descriptions. What actually then repeatedly occurred was that Mr Fraser was not able to listen to responses as successfully and therefore had poor comprehension of our discussions.”

“I suggested to Mr Fraser that his high attention to “risks” as he perceives them and his reluctance to contemplate rehabilitation options would prevent him from gaining the most from a group pain management program at this time.”

“Hopelessness and pessimistic thinking.”

“His ability to reason and problem solve was also not as capable as I might have expected for an adult who has worked in a busy skilled environment and this may also be related to a depressed mood.”

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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May 17, 2023

These are the opinions of me by a clinical psychologist that assessed me in 2012, about 4 ½ years after the accident. I wanted to get support and treatment, I couldn’t travel to Aberdeen (15 miles away) without being physically sick, or feeling like I was going to black out due to pain. I was offered a pain management program in Bath. A distance of over 500 miles with no solutions on how to cope with the pain of travelling that distance. I stated at the time that it was the distance and inability to travel that was the issue. Not an unwillingness, but an impossible solution and a psychologist that clearly had made her mind up about me and…

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