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Now Album Idea

Now That's What I Call Music, have you ever considered doing a charity album? May I suggest a compilation of music aimed at the autistic community. It could help to raise funds for peer led organisations, groups and projects. Especially those that had funding negatively impacted by COVID. This is just an idea but there isn’t an album like it. Plus in terms of inclusion and representation, this would be a game changer.

I’d be happy to write more songs, some exclusively for an album. Plus we can put out a post looking for songs specifically for the album.

This is just an idea, but one I thought was worth sharing. Acceptance requires inclusion and genuine representation.. This could be a huge step towards that, as well as fundraising for many autistic run groups and organisations

1. Someone like me (Someone like you by Adele)

2. Counting Hearts (Counting stars by OneRepublic

3. Let me educate you (Let me entertain you by Robbie Williams)

4. Normal People (Common people by Pulp)

5. Fall to your knees (Fall at your feet by Crowded House)

6. You could (Robin hood by Ocean Colour Scene)

7. Human (Human by Rag ‘N’Bone Man)

8. By the way (Bitch by Meredith Brooks)

9. I will love me (He still loves me by Beyoncé)

10. Smile Au-thentically (Dance monkey by the Tones and I)

11. Where I belong (Since you’ve been gone by Kelly Clarkson)

12. In on a secret (Victoria’s Secret by Jax)

13. Don’t stand so close to me (Don’t stand so close to me by The Police)

14. Fireflies (Fireflies by Adam Young and Owl City)

15. Yesterday (Yesterday by The Beatles)

16. The sound of silence (The sound of silence by Disturbed)

17. Creep (Creep by Radiohead)

18. All of me (All of you by John Legend)

19. Please, just leave me (Please, don’t leave me by Pink)

20. We are family (We are family by Sister Sledge)

21. Roar (Roar by Katy Perry)

22. Wake me up (Wake me up by Avicii)

23. Our Generation (My Generation by The Who)

24. Waiting on the world to change (Waiting on the world to change by John Mayor)

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern


Words – Ross Fraser

Graphic Design App - canva

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