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My Voice

Usually when someone talks others listen. Later can come a chance to respond. To have your voice heard and listened to. Now imagine your voice isn’t there, that your ability to speak is taken away. That you have to spend more of your life listening. This is my reality as an autistic person. I don’t know how often you get angry but for me it’s one of about 3 emotional responses that completely mutes me. My instincts take over and my ability to communicate is shut off. I learned how to finally communicate last year, aged 42. I found my voice and I don’t want to lose it. Because I use it to speak up for a misunderstood community. I use my voice to help them find theirs. We put great stock into communication and voices, but how often have you considered that someone may just be finding theirs. Regardless of how old they are. Some people have to fight for a voice because without it, you can easily feel your life is not yours to decide. Or they never get one and you just have to hope the person speaking for you, actually understands you. When we are out in public my wife is often my voice. A fleeting glance at me and she responds. What she is doing is looking for subtle signs which tell her my wishes. I have to admit she is brilliant at it and always reads me perfectly. It is a balance, absolutely, one with trust and respect always at the core. I said I don’t have the words to say what my wife means to me. It’s because she is the thread that runs through every aspect of my life and keeps it all together All my best and love Ross Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
May 13, 2022

When I don’t have my voice, what reassures me is I always know my wife carries it for me.

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