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Monetised System

What bothers me about society is that it’s completely focused on money. Don’t like yourself, buy something so you do. Don’t like your neighbours, buy a fence or a dog or a car to show you have more than them. Don’t like your job, find a better paying one... Money is a construction, based on a barter system. One that effectively states that to get something you have to give. That’s assuming everyone thinks like that, that there aren’t people in the world who want the word humanity to really mean something. People who find a reward in the knowledge that they entered someone’s life. They bring compassion, understanding and a respect for humanity with them and may have touched a heart in the process. We know these people exist, they are literally dotted throughout human history. Yet the system is designed for the individual to gain, not to give. We live in an increasingly harsh world, that doesn’t mean people should become more resilient and harsh to match. That’s how we lose humanity completely. We need the kindness of strangers, the compassionate ones... when there just doesn’t seem to be any compassion left. Humanity needs those that find hope in people and peace. Pain will never fix pain, regardless of if that’s by words or weapons. I will never be someone standing on top of a pedestal because I wouldn’t leave anyone holding the base. If you’re human, you share my values, you are my equal. We have a lot of things in modern times, what we don’t have is a lot of happy people. That to me will always come before anything else. The value of humanity. I didn’t get to “buy in” to society but given the realities of the world I now see, I’m not sure I ever really wanted to. All the best Ross Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
May 25, 2022

The definition of “human” shouldn’t be anything to do with annual income.

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