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Merry Christmas

Christmas Magic Continued:

Earlier I shared a post about the birth of an accidental new Christmas tradition. It wasn't planned but it's creation was something Emma truly needed. Bringing magic to her life after everything she has gone through has been a wonderful gift. Every day she lights up as she searches around the tree to see if anything new has been left behind.

Last night we received a bonus treat....for her finale our little elf sent us a video of her delivering one last gift. If I'm not mistaken this means Emma has been invited to be one of Santa's helpers next year. How amazing is it that my little girl gets to help bring Christmas magic to others lives?

I pray that 2024 is a blessed year for us all. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!! Feel free to flood this post with holiday stories and pictures.


All our best and love,

Jeni and Ross

Words – Jeni Dern

In association with Service Graphics and Wymondham Garden Centre.

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Ross Fraser
Ross Fraser
Dec 25, 2023

Whatever today means to you, whatever your personal beliefs, culture or traditions, we wish you health and happiness, as well as wonder and warmth for the end of this year and hope for the next one.

Thank you to everyone that helped create our 2023 mylifeautistic advent calendar. We couldn't have done it without you all.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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