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Mathematical Mishap

There are many reasons that fundraising can be uncomfortable. One of the biggest, is that I have to try and do maths. I do struggle with it and often lose track when trying to add things up. Unfortunately that's exactly what I did with the fundraiser. I do apologise, the figure that we need is a bit lower. I have priced everything up today, and added the wishlist below as a guide (it doesn't include the cost of registration for charity status). These are the kind of items we want to get. The reason we did a fundraiser rather than a wishlist is because of dealing with two different locations. I am in Aberdeenshire Scotland and Jeni Dern is in Wisconsin USA.

So our actual target is £3,000 (not £5,000 as I first thought), I have updated the GoFundMe campaign. Sorry for any confusion, that's my fault, mathematics is definitely not a strong point.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern


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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
Oct 15, 2023

I think I added Jeni's laptop three times instead of once. I have been struggling with burnout recently, it was probably just a lack of focus when I was working it out. Sorry everyone for the error, I did wonder at the time but didn't have the focus needed to go through it again at that point.

All my best


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