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Mask Exemptions

I try to do everything I can to help support the autistic community. Sometimes it means talking about a certain subject in my posts. Other times it’s just talking to members of the community and trying to help when issues arise. One issue that has been brought up constantly is to do with masks. I tried many times to wear a mask personally, even got some made specifically for me. But every time I covered my nose and mouth a panic attack would begin. It’s reasons like that which gives us the choice of using the exemption, if we need to. It’s not out of disrespect or a desire not to. In fact it’s pretty much lose/lose, because if you struggle with a mask, it causes a lot of anxiety. However if you don’t wear one you can get stared at or comments made, which can cause anxiety. The sunflower lanyard was actually one of the few public space adjustments that got it right. However Covid changed all that, the whole concept was that it was a discrete sign. A way of signalling that you may need more consideration, support or adjustments. IT WAS NOT AN EXCUSE TO NOT WEAR A MASK! If you are unaware of the sunflower lanyard, as I know readers outside the UK may be. I will include a link in the comments below with more information. For anyone using this as an excuse not to wear a mask. As a lot of anti-vaxers are, DON’T, it’s your right to stand up for your convictions if you feel that strongly. However do not do it by hurting people that need it. That already have to fight to navigate life, that’s not just autistic people. It’s a whole host of conditions people live with every single day. People that are entitled to not mask and not be questioned are, all the time. It is incredibly disrespectful to use something that’s designed to help and actually did, as a way of stopping being asked to wear a mask because you just don’t want to. From the government “While many people claiming exemption may choose to carry proof, with some choosing to wear a visible sign of exemption such as a sunflower lanyard, DPTAC strongly believes that disabled people claiming exemption should not be required to provide proof.” You wouldn’t take my walking stick off me and expect me to manage without it. So stop using the sunflower lanyard if you are not entitled to, it’s as simple as that. This is a community project to me, my voice but for the community as a whole. Do feel free to share any of my posts and please like or follow. All the best Ross Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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