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Looking Back

I am going to make this the sign off post for this week. I had planned on putting out a different post today but I will put that back to next week.

Yesterday was tough, too tough. The pain was intense and I had an appointment with a doctor at our local doctor’s practice. I had received a copy of my medical records because I needed to see what happened after the accident. There is a hospital report stating that they are “Querying a compound wedge fracture”. This was the impression that I always had and any time I’ve looked into it, it matched up with my experiences. However the next entry in my medical records is from a GP saying that I don’t have a spinal injury. I understand that they probably looked at my x-ray and couldn’t see what the doctor at accident and emergency saw but that has limited the support I’ve had for 16 years.

It was stated yesterday that going from 6 foot 1 inches before the accident to 5 foot 8 inches after confirms spinal compression. The doctor also felt my back (very painful) and said he could see my spine is in more of an S shape now. He was actually really decent and understanding. After checking my back he asked “How do you sleep?, to which I replied “Badly”, so at least I didn’t lose my sense of humour.

My mind is like a freight train at the moment, a lot of memories moving at speed. I genuinely don’t know how to wrap my head around it. He said an operation wouldn’t be possible, so I honestly don’t know what will happen from here. I’m going to focus on my family and be kind to my mind. I need to be at the moment. Take care of yourselves everyone and we will be back next week.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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10 ago 2023

I needed to hear the doctor state that my spine is compacted, the perception I’d had since the day it happened. I just wish I knew where we go from here, if there is a solution. I have too many questions and not enough answers at this particular point in time. Yesterday was an intense day for many reasons. I plan on having a quiet weekend with my family and getting lots of cuddles (from Jennie, Megan and Rocco), I definitely need them at the moment.

Look after yourselves, be true to you and always be kind to your mind.

Mi piace
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