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Life is a Journey

I masked due to a trauma event aged 4. At age 12 I began scripting permanently, which wouldn't change for 30 years. When I was 13 I woke on a camping trip to realise my sleeping bag had been set on fire as I slept. I hid away from society and people for three decades because of that.

The world and people felt too unsafe to even be around so I hid myself away. I've had a very isolated life and needed to be taught how to have a conversation at 42.

I started mylifeautistic on the 14th of September 2020, determined to come up with an idea that would ensure my life did not repeat in the lives of others. In two years I went from interacting with 6/10 people a year to having that many interactions and more a day. I give everything to mylifeautistic because I needed to use the ashes of my masked life to light up the sky for anyone still living in the darkness.

Last year I created au-thentic music, a way for an autistic musician to own their identity and include an autistic perspective in mainstream music. I rewrote popular songs to create Au-thentic versions, these rewrites were shared by several well known bands and artists. April 2nd I arranged for a skywriter to put a 700 metre infinity symbol in the sky above Cambridge. Appeared in the media more than a dozen times. Built the mylifeautistic website and turned the UK into a giant advent calendar.

Don't underestimate yourself, I didn't have contacts, resources or any real knowledge of society (or people for that matter). It didn't actually stop me. I had an iron clad resolve and a determination to see better and brighter days for the community and caregivers. My life didn’t matter to me, but it does now because I hope it will help change lives. Help change perceptions and aid in creating a new life autistic.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Curtis


Words – Ross Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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21 mar 2023

Me gusta

08 ene 2023

This time last year I stated that I was going to focus on the media. Acceptance, representation and inclusion in mainstream media is getting better but slowly. I have no idea how, but I plan on trying to get involved with mainstream media this year and talk more openly about my life. I really want to help change the world for the community and caregivers. To see a more positive future is available and accessible to our community.

Me gusta
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