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Life Experiences

There is an episode of ‘Frasier’ where he is asked to promote brands and products. To him it was an ethical decision, he would only endorse those where he saw a benefit. I am the same, if I get involved with a product of company it’s because I see a benefit in it. So far I have promoted Calmer by Flare Audio because I was truly impressed with them, they were remarkable.

I recently approached Red Letter Days to see if they were willing to support this campaign. Experiences can be limited when you are autistic and I know caregivers can have limited experiences too. So I really liked the idea of Red Letter Days and what they offer. They have kindly offered me a 20% off code to share.

If you want to book an experience but need specific considerations please message me. I will contact Red Letter Days directly and ensure its passed on to the relevant company. I will also make sure that it is stressed how important it is that specific needs are considered and that support is put in place.

20% off discount code.


Being housebound the one thing I wish is I’d just embraced life more, did things that filled my head with joy and wonder. If this gives one person, one family, a memory to cherish, that will make me very happy too and I hope it’s a truly magnificent moment.

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All the best


Words – Ross A Fraser

Image – The Domes at London Secret Garden Kensington Red Letter Days experience

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