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Liam Smith

“Hollie knows no different: she has some good days and some bad days, but there are more good days than when she was in her early teenage years. I feel so comfortable around her; she’s my sister. The important thing is to treat her no differently – talk to her like you would anybody else in the family.”

Liam Smith (Professional British Boxer)

I am not into boxing but I have so much respect for Liam. On his shorts is the word "Autism". What is unusual about this is that it's usually reserved for the boxers name. However Liam chose to use his spotlight to bring inclusion and representation for the community. To represent his sister, using his success to highlight that people communicate in different ways.

You can tell that he has a very close bond with Hollie because of how he talks about her. People who are different don't need to always be treated differently, just differences may have to be considered. Personally I think what he said is absolutely perfect.

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