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Kind Curious Kat #1

Some announcements have made me so proud, this one incredibly so.

I needed an answer to the question is my daughter Autistic. She needed that answer too.

When she got it all she said was “Wow, plot twist”, (lol) I really do love her personality, it just shines through.

However like me she’s been struggling with how to be who you are, when that can be made to be a bad thing. Especially when it’s often due to situations being misread or misunderstandings.

So she came to me with a question that just made me melt. “Dad, can I be a mylifeautistic team member too like Jeni?”. I felt so proud but I also know the pressure that can come from it and for her age that worried me. She followed it up with the words “I’d rather be seen for being different than weird”.

We talked and came up with a way for her to begin her journey, but without stress or pressure. In the coming weeks a new page will be added to mylifeautistic. A comic strip called “Kind Curious Kat” which will be created by my absolutely amazing daughter, Megan. She wanted to create a comic strip for younger autistic children like Jeni’s daughter Emma.

Honestly my heart is filled with joy right now and I am so so proud.

All my best and love


Words – Ross A Fraser

Graphic Design App – Canva

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