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Kaleidoscope Concept Art

Andy J Phoenix, Sarah Conniff and Emanuele Campos all created artwork for Kaleidoscope. So I thought I'd share some of the artwork, like the beautiful concept art for Kaleidoscope (created by Andy and Sarah).

These are some early examples of the scenes, characters and styles. I will admit, I still love looking through these images. Although it was a stressful time in a lot of ways (learning to unmask etc) these images do bring back the joyful memories. The memories of my daughter being incredibly excited for the books to arrive.

Thank you Alex, Sarah and Emanuele for all you did to help shape Kaleidoscope, ... and the encouragement, kind words about the story etc early on, I definitely will not forget it. It really meant a lot to me.

Image description: Several images of concept art for Kaleidoscope. There are many pictures of the bear cub and the butterflies. Disability has also been included with some of the bears having visible disabilities.

All my best and love

Ross Fraser

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1 comentário
04 de mar.

They are amazing. People are so talented and those talents shared. Thanks for sharing, Ross.

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