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Unfortunately I have to end this week on a bit of a sad note. Due to his personal circumstances and the impact of Covid, my publisher, Pretty Pug Publishing has gone out of business.

Both the Amazon and publisher’s shops have closed so currently Kaleidoscope is unavailable to buy. I am trying to figure out next steps and get it back on sale but it may take some time. I didn’t ever pursue the self publishing route because there was just to much of the publisher side of things I don’t understand. I do hope to get something in place soon and I will make an announcement when it’s available to buy online. I hope that all current orders have been fulfilled but please let me know if there are any issues.

I am glad I managed to give my daughter a copy and I know Covid has affected so many businesses. It’s just unfortunate, but thank you for all the kind words I have had regarding my book.

All the best


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