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My life autistic...that still sounds strange to me. I am me but have been told that I’m not quite right. So let’s get down an dirty with what it’s like as an autistic woman. Anything said here is just my personal experiences. I will never claim that every woman with autism feels the way I do. I am just as unique as the next girl. Beautifully different. It is impossible for me to connect with idle chit chat. It is dull and meaningless. Maybe I just never learned the boundaries between friendships and relationships. I ask the same questions to a friend as I would my husband. This is what makes people uncomfortable. Why is it acceptable for two men or two women to talk about personal matters? But if we talk male to female about certain topics its deemed inappropriate. Apparently as a female I can only get a males opinion on intimate matters if that man is my husband. Why does it have to be so dirty and wrong. Me asking a question is not an invitation to flirt. Gender does not mean a thing to me. This is only one of many issues I face as an autistic woman. I need deep conversations to form friendships. Tell me anything and I will not read between the lines. If you say hey sex with my husband/wife has been bad lately do you have any advice, I will not assume you are hitting on me. To me this is just common sense. I am in a committed relationship. A question is a question not an invitation. Let’s normalize random conversations. All my best and love Jeni Words – Jeni Curtis Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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Jeni Curtis
Jeni Curtis
07 de mai. de 2022

Thank you again Ross for seeing something in me worth sharing.

Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
08 de mai. de 2022
Respondendo a

Really glad to have you as part of the time and get to join you on your journey.

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