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Independence Day

With Independence Day almost upon us I wanted to make a quick announcement. The reveal itself will happen later today, so this is just to explain the chosen track for this coming Monday.

I struggle with the sound of fireworks, it's often just too loud. This made me wonder if it was possible to use an Au-thentic version of a song for singalongs at home. A way of reducing sound impact and refocusing onto something positive (if needed) and maybe just enjoying the visual effect on the day instead. Using music as a way to shield from negative sensory reactions.

I thought a lot about the song to rewrite and reached out to the legendary group that wrote and performed it to ask permission.

I thought it had to be something really well known, one of those songs pretty much everyone can sing along to. Something truly iconic, and it is. I am going to feel so proud to post it on Monday.

I was absolutely overjoyed to get their email, honestly it was an incredible honour and moment reading the reply.

I will put out the image later on and reveal more then. For now all I will say is, Jeni and I truly hope our extended autistic family absolutely adores this community song as much as we do. If needed we hope it helps provide a distraction on Monday, as well a lot of smiles.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni


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