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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

A world divided is one doomed to fail, I stand for the rights of the individual. For the voice of those that aren’t able to voice their pain. For the future that past generations fought for, died for and envisioned for our future. I stand for human rights and I stand by every single person that is pained by the actions of Vladimir Putin. No one should bring pain to the peaceful, I may be stuck in a flat in Scotland but I will do everything I can from here to support the people of the Ukraine and anyone impacted by these absolute atrocities. My heart cries out for the thought of even more people in this world in pain today.

If local charities or groups/organisations are collecting physical donations, please contact them and consider donating something from this list to support mental health needs of refugees.

• Wind up radios (for updates or distraction) • Hoodies

(to aid with sleep and block out sensory information) • Noise cancelling or blocking earphones/ear buds

(to aid sleep for people that are sleep deprived, or just need a break from audible input) • Note pads and pencils

(to aid emotional processing)

Please consider sharing, I have lived almost 3 decades with PTSD personally. Getting refugees mental health support now, could potentially reduce impact from PTSD for individuals long term. (A truly heartbroken member of the human race) credit unimportant

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