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Help Needed

We are looking for some help. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of detail we can give at this time.

What we can say is Jeni is in a similar position to me, in terms of stating over financially. This is because of her ex husband using money to control her and her actions. She is trying to go through a divorce and protect herself and Emma. She needs help finding legal support plus support from anyone that’s survived an abusive relationship.

Being in Scotland there is little we can do to support her. We’d appreciate any support we can get from the community. She feels overwhelmed and could use advice from anyone that’s able to help.

All our best and love

Ross and Jeni

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Jeni is looking for legal support and advice, we are reaching out to anyone that may be able to help. She is based in Wisconsin, USA, and has reached out to local services with no luck so far.

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