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Head Held High

Most of my life I’ve looked down, watching my feet kick up small stones as I walked, drifting from day to day, rarely ever looking up. Even with blue skies above my head, the storms in my mind hid it from view. I want to help the community lift their heads, look up to the sky with hearts filled with hope. Tomorrows are the blank canvas waiting, life isn’t paint by numbers. See your true self and be your true self. Take it from someone who wished I could have done that years ago. The reality is for me that yesterday’s tomorrows faded away, not ever living up to the promise of a new day. So please, for me and for you, see the promise of tomorrow. See that you really may not know what you can achieve because no one told you to try for you. Live your life so that one day when you look back on your yesterday, you find your Au-thentic smile. All the best Ross P.S. My daughter is off school for two weeks so we will make some videos over the next week (as she wants to be included) and we’ll be back on the 11th. Take care everyone and look after yourselves. Words – Ross A Fraser Graphic Design App – Canva #NewLifeAutistic

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Ross A Fraser
Ross A Fraser
02 apr 2022

Look up at the clear blue skies and hold your head up high.

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