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Graphic Movies

I'm not really drawn to a lot of violent movies and shows, however I do find that with the right blend and my kind of humour, I really can love them.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Deadpool, Kingsman, Smoking Aces, Shoot Em Up, Snatch, Fight Club ... and so on.

From what I have seen Bullet Train looks like the perfect blend of humour, and ass kicking. Out of them all, so far, Deadpool (1 and 2) and Lock Stock (and...) are my favourite ones to watch, and I'm so looking forward to Deadpool VS Wolverine.

Has anyone seen Bullet Train, did you enjoy it? What's your personal opinion on violent movies? Do you find that you need the balance of humour to enjoy the more violent action movies?

All my best and love



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