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Gordon - History

I was born in 1956 in Brighton to Scottish parents and moved to Birmingham within a year. Here my father was involved in a car crash where I broke my neck – minimal after effects other than a bit of nerve tissue trapped in the joint.

After several years in Birmingham I was diagnosed with serious catarrh which left me deaf and requiring operations to drain the fluid. By chance I was due another op so my parents took me to Loch Lomond for a holiday. On returning to Birmingham it was found that my catarrh had cleared so my parents decided to get me permanently into Scottish air so he took a job as hotel manager (his “trade”) in Thurso.

Since then I have not had any hearing problems although the catarrh is still around in minor degrees. Now my mother went back to teaching – a move that I think may have significantly delayed my diagnosis. I say this because, at that time, I exhibited more difficulties which lasted until I managed to gain control over myself in the late teens.

Since then until my diagnosis I have tried several jobs, always giving my all but ending up leaving or being dropped for odd reasons.

All our best and love

Ross Fraser and Jeni Dern

Words – Gordon Sparling

Design App – Canva

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