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Funko The Funko range has never had a pop of an autistic human rights activist.

You want one?

Just a thought...

While I have your attention I need to highlight an issue I found with your Pop! Yourself creator on your website. I think it's a brilliant idea but I do have to question one thing in particular.

You can create a Funko Pop image of yourself with options like a wand or baseball bat as accessories. However I couldn't select a walking stick for my Pop.

Providing options for disabled people like wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks and even support dogs can make a huge difference.

It's like the recent online reaction to The Little Mermaid. Inclusion and representation is viewed from an internal view. If you don't see the need for it then to be honest all that means is that you were represented, people like you were available on the media.

Acceptance simply means, collectively as humans we recognise this. See that in the past and present day there are still a lot of people that are not yet truly represented, understood or often just allowed to be them.

Equally is making the adjustments needed, without hesitation or question so that a child, whoever they grow up to be can see someone like them.

Your Pop! Yourself creator is brilliant but it could be a lot more inclusive, provide better representation and help create the acceptance future generations shouldn't go without.

I am posting this now as I hope to be able to post an update about the Pop! Yourself creator when I'm back from holiday.

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